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Brides & Grooms, Party Hosts, Event Coordinators, and Club & Restaurant managers have found Hoi Polloi easy to work with.  We want your event to be what YOU want it to when you're ready to hire entertainment for your event, you speak directly with Jim (Hoi Polloi's band leader and guitar player and all-around good guy).

We don't use a booking agent. By handling the band's bookings ourselves, you save the 10-40% agency fee that other bands or DJs might charge. We'll also hold a date for you without charging a save-the-date fee.


  • PHONE: Call Jim at 973-927-6016 
  • EMAIL: Send Jim an email at
  • YELLING: Stick your head out the window and yell "I WANT TO BOOK HOI POLLOI!"  While this is great publicity for our band, field tests have shown that this method won't work very well -- unless you're about 25 feet or less from Jim.  So please use email, phone, or the contact form below.
  • FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW: If you like to fill out forms (...and who doesn't?...) fill out the one below. (It still goes to Jim. He's a friendly guy, worries.)

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