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The Lead Guitar: Jim

NAME: Jim "the GQ"
FAVORITE SAYING: "A penny squandered is worth 1.16 cents in ten years."

Jim speaks about his year:

"Recently, I co-starred with Ben Vereen in my first off-Broadway play entitled Silly Hats and Chicken Fat. Around the end of January, after I threw in the towel on Rubik's Cube, I hit the bestseller charts with my cookbook for connoisseurs of Olive Loaf. I was a little disappointed that Up With People replaced me with a guy named Guierrmo, but I offset my disappointment by swimming through the newly constructed tunnel beneath the English Channel."

Jim began playing guitar in the 1980s. His collection of guitars includes classic Gibson Les Pauls, Rickenbachers, and Fenders. You can always count on seeing his vintage Vox AC30 amplifier on stage. That's the same model that many guitar heroes played through and that helped to define the rock guitar sound of the late sixties and seventies. Over the years, Jim has been a founding member of several bands including The Obvious, Naked Trust, and The Network.

The youngest-looking and tallest member of the band. He is nicknamed "the GQ" (short for "Gentlemens Quarterkeg") due to his phenomenal ability to toss back a twelve pack in nothing flat. He has often been lured into unique opportunities by using the Beer-on-a-stick method of motivational therapy. He is a lover of hot foods and fast women (or is it fast food and hot women?) and enjoys playing with his trains, painting with Cool Whip, and doing hilarious impressions of Ernest Borgnine. He has a wife of ten years (which is kind of young for a wife).

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