The Vocalist: The Reebs
NAME: Jim "The Reebs"
INFLUENCES: Cookie Monster
FAVORITE SAYING: "Better latent than never."

The Reebs has been really busy. Besides managing to show up at nearly every Hoi Polloi gig (although somewhat late to each one of them), Jim has been traveling the world posing as a world traveler.

The Reebs is actually just filling in for lead singer Joe Meitling, who hasn't shown up for practice since 1992 -- but we're still holding out hope that he'll be back soon.  The Reebs is president of the "Straight Men for Barry Manilow" fan club, worries about his hairline, and enjoys masquerading as a midget (we still can't figure out how he fits into that teeny costume).

Despite his tenure with the band, he still messes up the lyrics to the songs at least once a night (often with hilarious consequences, especially in the song "867-5309" where once he accidentally sung the mobile phone number of his high-school guidance counselor).

He cryptically attributes his powerful voice to "that weird man with his hand in me" -- which is likely to be a reference to the spiritual presence of Muppet-founder Jim Henson. This could also explain why The Reebs is known to inexplicably burst into "It's Not Easy Being Green" at any moment.

Besides singing, The Reebs also plays keyboards, guitar, harmonica, ukulele (yes -- that's spelled correctly),  tambourine, slide-whistle, and kazoo. The Reebs says, "No doubt, the slide whistle was the most difficult instrument to master, but my diligent study with some of the world's slide whistle masters has paid off."

In fact, The Reebs has performed slide whistle solos at New York City's famed Lincoln Center, where the audience abruptly rose to its feet and delivered the first-ever mid-performance standing ovation in the venerated hall's history -- though some have reported that it was a standing-and-leaving ovation.

In his free time, he ponders how he can make better use of his free time.

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